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EcoTurismo Yucatan excels in introducing you to the ancient land of the Maya. Our multilingual expert leaders interpret the Mayan history, architecture, culture and ecology for you. During our tours you will see the relationship of the ancient culture with the present culture and ecology.
       Our Mission ... an adventure called ECOLOGY

The Yucatán Peninsula justly attracts world-wide attention for its remarkable Maya ruins, and for the inexhaustible wealth of information they provide us about the most advanced Prehispanic civilization of the New World. However, the peninsula's archaeological grandeur has tended to push aside its ecological significance, important both as the environment of today and that of the ancient Maya.

It was a profound and intimate knowledge of this delicate environment's natural cycles, and a keen understanding of its plants and animals, that allowed the Maya civilization to flourish for over 1,000 years. Then, as now, our very survival depends upon an understanding of nature's rhythms, and upon our ability to adapt to them.

Our tours are designed to illustrate how the past, including the colonial and post-colonial periods, sheds light upon the dynamic action in process today and why the Yucatan's unique ecosystems are so important. We seek to provide an understanding of the Maya and their tremendous accomplishments with visits to their ancient centers (placing this fascinating culture in the natural context in which it developed) and with excursions to reserves actively involved in the preservation of our ecosystems.

Ecoturismo Yucatán is a member of Pronatura Peninsula Yucatán, Mexico's largest and most respected private conservation organization. We are also a member of The Ecotourism Society and AMTAVE, Mexican Association of Adventure and Ecotourism, and Cuerpos de Conservación Mexicanos.


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