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4. Finding our Office in Merida.

Updated: Feb 07, 2006 - 21:51

Directions on how to find Ecoturismo Yucatan in Merida.
Download the PDF with a map.

Mapquest our office

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5. Program and packages of the 4th Yucatan Bird Festival

Updated: Aug 23, 2005 - 12:46

The Fourth Yucatan Bird Festival promises a very different ambience this year – one that integrates  nature with culture in a luxurious setting. Join us for a well-packed three days of birding among Maya ruins, 16th c. haciendas and towns, and a coastal reserve full of endemic species. The region offers 543 birds species, of which 16 are endemic and quasi-endemics.

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6. The Yaxha emblem glyph as Yax- ha

Updated: Jun 12, 2005 - 13:33

THE Emblem Glyph of Yaxha, El Petén, Guatemala, (Fig. 1) was first identified by Justeson (1975). It is distinguished by the sign YAX (T16) and a head sign which may represent a parrot or turtle. Most epigraphers, myself included, have considered the presence of an initial YAX in this case to be coincidental. In this brief report, however, I argue two points: (1) following some previous suggestions, the head sign T743 which follows YAX possesses the value of a, which in the script may function as both ah and ha, and surely represents a parrot rather than a turtle; and (2) the place name Yaxha is a very old one, possibly dating back to the Classic Period.

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7. The Text from the Osario in Chich'en Itzá

Updated: Nov 28, 2004 - 21:57

During the summer of 1994, we were in Chich'en Itzá. During our visit, Peter Schmidt
showed up through the new excavations of the Osarios and invited us to take a look at the new texts he had found during his project. Fortunately for us, Merle Robertson had been there before us and had made rubbings of all the texts. We examined both the original stones and her
rubbings, which we found to be an immense help. We have not yet been able to identify dates or names in the newly discovered texts, but we were able to read the text on the pier 4 of the upper
temple. This date has played an important role in the dating of Chich'en, as summarized by Charles Lincoln (1986). Lincoln cited Thompson's original placed of the date at 2
Ahaw 18 Mol, based on the assumption that the date fell within a k'atun named 2 Ahaw. David Kelley accepted this dating according to Lincoln's summary.

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